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Prostate SBRT is an elegant, effective and efficient way to treat prostate cancer that now has a place in internationally recognized guidelines. This segment of SPOT aims to also make it easier for centres interested in adopting prostate SBRT for their patients.

The precision required for Prostate SBRT mandates the use of MRI to aid target and OAR delineation, bringing in complexity beyond fractionated treatment contouring. Hence the focus will first be on radiology, specifically MRI, to equip radiation oncologists with the necessary background knowledge about Prostate MRI sequences, anatomy and lesion recognition. 

Beyond sharing of clinical expertise and experience in delineation of target volumes / OARs for prostate SBRT, hot button issues and controversies will also be discussed. Who are the suitable candidates for prostate SBRT – can it become the de facto standard for external beam radiation? Does ADT integrate with SBRT in the same way as conventionally and moderately hypofractionated RT? Is nodal irradiation using SBRT ready for prime time? 

Dosimetry gets comes to the fore is this edition of SPOT and  features planning tips and tricks on how best to optimise plans for Prostate SBRT, with or without the use of peri-rectal spacers which have become more commonplace in recent years.

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