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Uncover the untapped potential of SBRT in the treatment of non-spinal bone metastases! While spinal metastases have received extensive attention, we endeavour to push the boundaries by focusing on the often overlooked and challenging non-spinal bone metastases. Imagine the complexities of immobilizing, delineating, and tracking treatment delivery in a bones of diverse shapes and with different organs at risk. 

Join us for an exhilarating 2-day course where our experts reveal precise diagnostic imaging techniques and share contouring strategies, whilst ensuring optimal treatment targeting and delivery. Be captivated by our interventional radiologist colleague as they unveil the latest developments in this area, unlocking potential synergies to enhance patient outcomes. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into the minds of our experts and improve your clinical practice. Immerse yourself in the latest advancements and gain hands-on experience at SPOT 2023.

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RadoncAsia is a medical conference dedicated to advancing Radiation Oncology excellence in Asia. Working with Asian institutions, Read More …

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