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Course Material 


This exercise consists of participants reading a short clinical vignette about the pre-selected post-operative spine case. Then, they will review the relevant investigations – including operative notes and pre- + post-operative imaging, before attempting to contour the clinical target volume. Adjacent critical organs may also need to be delineated. (e.g. spinal cord, thecal sac, nerve roots, bowel)

During the webinar, the session will start off with sub-speciality experts (surgeon, radiologist, radiation oncologist) giving a short talk on the relevant aspects of clinical management.
This will be followed by a break-out practicum session where participants can compare their interpretation of CTV with other group members, and against the suggested CTV by the expert.

Lastly, we will end the session with the radiation oncologist running through his CTV contour and explaining why he did, or did not, include certain areas. This is be followed by an overall panel discussion with the invited experts.


This program is designed to meet the interest of radiation oncologists and radiation oncology residents.


Each of the workshop sessions will last for two hours.  The session will cover the following areas:

  • (Pre-course) Access to platform and hands-on contouring by participants

  • Short talks each by sub-site surgeon, radiation oncologist and radiologist

  • Presentation of the case and delineation guidelines used

  • Breakout session to review participants’ contours in comparison to the reference contours

  • Summary of key points by expert panel 

  • Discussion between participants and experts

Learning Objectives

  • To be familiar with indications, types of surgeries, types of implants for spinal mets

  • To appreciate the various imaging modalities used in spine mets imaging, both in the de novo and post op setting. To be familiar with the types of artefacts seen with spinal implants and strategies to mitigate these

  • To be able to identify residual tumors and expected post-operative changes

  • To be able to define the high-risk CTV for post-op spine SBRT

  • To be aware of the common pitfalls in delineation


Dr Naresh Kumar

Associate Professor and Senior Consultant
Orthopedic Surgeon
National University Hospital

Prof Naresh Kumar is an international expert in metastatic spine disease. His clinical and research interests are tailored towards MIS surgery for spinal mets. He has over 100 peer reviewed publications and is a member of the AO spine knowledge forum. 


Dr James Hallinan

Consultant Radiologist
National University Hospital

Dr Hallinan is a fellowship-trained MSK radiologist. He has a fervent interest in spine imaging, in particular post-operative spine imaging and the use of AI to enhance workflow. He is recipient of multiple hospital and national grants in relation to spine imaging.


Dr Simon Lo

Professor of Neurological Surgery and Vice Chair for Strategic Planning
Director of SBRT
Radiation Oncologist
University of Washington Medical Centre

Prof Simon Lo is a full professor in Radiation oncology at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is a KOL in SBRT and has published 178 peer-reviewed papers, over 52 book chapters and 4 textbooks, including a comprehensive textbook in SBRT (~40,000 downloads worldwide). He is currently the chair of the American College of Radiology (ACR) Appropriateness Criteria Expert Panel in Bone Metastasis, the Radiation Oncology Track Chair for RSNA Refresher Courses, and the President-Elect for CARROS of ACR. Dr. Lo is an expert in brain and spinal tumors, stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT). 



Dr Bala Vellayappan
Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National University Cancer Institute Singapore (NCIS)

Dr Joe Chang
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Liverpool Hospital Sydney



Dr David Tan
Senior Radiation Oncologist
Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology


Dr Brendan Chia
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National Cancer Centre Singapore


Dr Timothy Cheo
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National University Cancer Institute

Dr Daniel Tan
Senior Radiation Oncologist
Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology

Dr Jonathan Teh
Senior Radiation Oncologist
Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology

Dr Grace Kusumawidjaja
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National Cancer Centre Singapore

Dr Jonathan Tan
Consultant, Division of Spine Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
National University Hospital

Dr Andrew Makmur
Consultant, Department of Diagnostic Imaging
National University Hospital


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