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Course Material 


Prior to the workshop, participants will be provided a short clinical vignette about a post-operative prostate case. They will then prepare for the workshop by contouring the clinical target volumes (CTVs) on the provided CT Simulation dataset.

During the workshop, Dr. Chad Tang will go over the specified volumes, talk about why he contoured the way he did, and then compare the teachers’ contours with the participants and offer suggestions.


This program is designed to meet the interest of radiation oncologists and radiation oncology residents.


Each of the workshop sessions will last for two hours.  The session will cover the following areas:

  • (Pre-course) Access to platform and hands-on contouring by participants

  • Short talks each by sub-site surgeon, radiation oncologist and radiologist

  • Presentation of the case and delineation guidelines used

  • Breakout session to review participants’ contours in comparison to the reference contours

  • Summary of key points by expert panel 

  • Discussion between participants and experts

Learning Objectives

  • Describe clinical and anatomical rationale for the selection of clinical target volume and organs at risk delineation

  • To be familiar with areas at risk for recurrence after prostatectomy and of nodal dissection templates employed by urologists. 

  • Learn about the post-operative imaging modalities used to identify residual/recurrent tumour  

  • To be aware of the common pitfalls in delineation

  • To be updated of the latest available contouring guidelines


Dr Chad Tang

Assistant Professor
Radiation Oncologist
MD Anderson Center Center

Dr Chad Tang is Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. His clinical interests are in the treatment of patients with genitourinary malignancies, including prostate cancer, with IGRT, Proton Therapy, SBRT and Brachytherapy.


Dr Damian Khor

Consultant Nuclear Medicine Physician and Radiologist
Head of Nuclear Medicine
Advanced Medical Imaging

Dr Damian Khor is the first dual accredited Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Radiologist in Singapore. He is the Head of Department of Nuclear Imaging at Advanced Medicine Imaging and has special interests in Oncologic PET Imaging and targeted radionuclide therapy.


Dr Lee Lui Shiong

Adj Associate Professor
Head & Senior Consultant 
Department of Urology
Sengkang General Hospital

Dr Lee Lui Shiong is Head of the Urologic Service in Sengkang General Hospital, with subspecialty interest in uro-oncology, robotic surgery and minimally invasive urological surgery. He is a core member of the Pelvic Oncology Workgroup and a co-chairman of the Urology Cancer Service Line Development Group.



Dr Sergey Usychkin
Head of Radiation Oncology Department
Hadassah Medical Moscow

Dr Jonathan Teh
Senior Radiation Oncologist
Asian Alliance and Radiation Oncology



Dr Jeremy Tey
Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National University Cancer Institute Singapore

Dr Ooi Kiat Huat
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National University Cancer Institute Singapore

Dr David Chia
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National University Cancer Institute Singapore

Dr Jeffrey Tuan
Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National Cancer Centre Singapore

Dr Li Youquan
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
National Cancer Centre Singapore

Dr Daniel Tan
Senior Radiation Oncologist
Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology


Michalski, Lawton, El Naqa, et al., (2009, Apr 23). Development of RTOG consensus guidelines for the definition of the clinical target volume for postoperative conformal radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

Hall, Paulson, Davis, et al. (2020, Aug 27). NRG Oncology Updated International Consensus Atlas on Pelvic Lymph Node Volumes for Intact and Postoperative Prostate Cancer.

Gay, M.D., Barthold, M.D., O’Meara, C.M.D., et al. (2012, Jul 01). Pelvic Normal Tissue Contouring Guidelines for Radiation Therapy: A Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Consensus Panel Atlas.

NRG Oncology GU Atlases

Harmon, MD, Chan, MD, Lee, PhD, et al. (2021, May 17). Validating Modern NRG Oncology Pelvic Nodal and Groupe Francophone de Radiothérapie Urologique Prostate Bed Contouring Guidelines for Post-prostatectomy Salvage Radiation: A Secondary Analysis of the LOCATE Trial.

Robin, Jolicoeur, Palumbo, et al. (2020 Nov 10). Prostate Bed Delineation Guidelines for Postoperative Radiation Therapy: On Behalf Of The Francophone Group of Urological Radiation Therapy.

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