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This third edition of our Multi-Disciplinary Contouring Course features a Scientific Program collaboration between National University Cancer Institute (NCIS) Radiation Oncology Department & Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology (AARO). The course covers the essentials in Essential Concepts in Stereotactic Target Delineation & Treatment Planning for 4 specialised tracks such as:

  • Brain 

  • Lung 

  • Prostate 

  • Non-Spine Bone Mets

The 4th edition of our SPOT Contouring Series in 2023 seeks to support the increasing adoption of SBRT/SRS in Asia by covering “Essential Concepts in Stereotactic Target Delineation & Treatment Planning”. Through a careful selection of 4 tumour sites representative of the anatomical variations across the entire body, the NUH-AARO organizing committee has put together a comprehensive 2 day programme supported by international & local faculty, and featuring talks by each key stakeholder in the stereotactic treatment journey, including radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, physicists, and our esteemed multidisciplinary oncology colleagues.

The course will once again feature our signature hands-on contouring workshop based on 4 real-life stereotactic cases from each respective tumor site, to be conducted on a full-featured online platform accessible from anywhere in the world. Cases submitted by participants will be assessed by the expert RO and discussed over live small group breakout sessions, where the gold standard expert contour will be revealed. 2 educational lunchtime sponsored symposiums will also be held during the course and free registration extended to all oncology professionals in the region to encourage maximal interaction & scientific discussion.

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